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Abbreviations & Acronyms
dx diagnose, diagnosis
FSH follicle-stimulating hormone
IBS irritable bowel syndrome
IVP intravenous pyelogram — study to look at the kidneys and ureters
NED no evidence of disease
s/s signs & symptoms
SLS second-look surgery
TAH / BSO total abdominal hysterectomy / bilateral salpingectomy and oophorectomy — removal of, respectively: uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries
tx treat, treatment
US ultrasound
WAR whole abdominal radiation
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Submitted on 09/19/2009
My story I guess begins in January 2008. I am a grandmother raising 3 granddaughters, I ran a day-care home and I knew that I had 4-7 hernias in my stomach. I started having a lot of pain. After children were picked up my husband took me to the ER. I had many tests and they kept me from wednesday-Friday. I finally gave them permission to do surgury to repair the hernias, I stayed in hospital for one week; since I had staples I had to go back the following week to remove them. The doctor asked me if I wanted the good news first or the bad news. I had no idea what the doctor meant, he told me he had found a tumor and removed it and sent it for biopsy. The result came back stage 4 Ovarian-Peritoneal Cancer. I had to go the next week to see a gynecologist. They ordered a ct scan and some bloodwork and said I needed to start chemo. I was terrified but was ready to fight. I had many people and churches praying and I totally gave it to the Lord. I went through 4 cycles of chemo, lost 30 lbs but got through it. All blood tests, CA-125 and ct scans are within normal range. I go see my oncologist at the end of Dec 2009, hoping all is within normal range.

I will tell you please don't give up and stay strong because miracles do happen.

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