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Other Ovarian Cancer Web Sites
    Colorado Ovarian Cancer Resource -
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    COCR is committed to providing information regarding local and national resources to women living with ovarian cancer, those who love and care for them; raising the general public's awareness about ovarian cancer; and promoting early detection of the disease.

    FORCE: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered - www.facingourrisk.org
    A forum and resource site for women who are at high risk of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. Its goals are to provide support and information for women at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer, provide support for those families with increased risk of these cancers, and help women find resources to determine if they are at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer.

    M. D. Anderson Cancer Center - Ovarian Cancer Information- www.mdanderson.org/diseases/ovariancancer/
    Web site details several ovarian cancer topics including risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, clinical trials and prevention information.

    Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance - www.mnovarian.org/
    Dedicated to spreading awareness, support and research about ovarian cancer.

    Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Florida - www.ocaf.org
    Dedicated to spreading awareness about ovarian cancer.

    Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Nevada - www.ocan.org/
    The Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Nevada is a 501c3 nonprofit organization committed to raising awareness regarding the symptoms, risk factors and facts about ovarian cancer in the state of Nevada.

    Ovarian Cancer Forum - www.medhelp.org
    Health-professional-moderated forum from Med Help International and The Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Center.

    Ovarian Cancer National Alliance - www.ovariancancer.org

    Ovarian Cancer Research Notebook -
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    Comprehensive source of organized treatment information for advanced ovarian cancer. Excellent source for understanding treatment options.

    Society of Gynecologic Oncologists - www.sgo.org
    Publications, abstracts on latest research, news from the ovarian cancer front.

    Women's Cancer Network - www.wcn.org
    Developed by the Gynecologic Cancer Foundation to inform women about gynecological cancers.

Support and Community Web Sites
    JH OvCA On-line Discussion Board - Our discussion board

    JH Oncology Center's Cancer Counseling Center

    Local Support Groups

    Association of Cancer Online Resources Online Support Group - listserv.acor.org/archives/ovarian.html
    A discussion board with many ovarian cancer survivors at various stages of the disease sharing hope, knowledge and experience.

    Cancercare - www.cancercare.org/
    A non-profit organization whose mission is to provide free professional help to people with all cancers through counseling, education, information and referral, and direct financial assistance.

    Conversations: The International Newsletter for Those Fighting Ovarian Cancer - www.ovarian-news.org
    This newsletter was founded and is published by Cindy Melancon, an ovarian cancer survivor. It offers great stories and information and provides a lifeline for women around the world dealing with ovarian cancer. There is also a pen pal/phone matching service called Voices which is part of the newsletter subscriber group.

    Corporate Angel Network - www.corpangelnetwork.org/
    A not-for-profit organization, provides free plane transportation for cancer patients going to/from recognized cancer hospitals by using empty seats aboard corporate aircraft operating on business flights.

    Eyes on the Prize - www.eyesontheprize.org
    A support community for living with women's reproductive cancer, offers survivor stories, answers to questions, resources, discussion about cervical, endometrial, uterine, ovarian, vulvar, gestational, and other reproductive cancers.

    Kids Konnected: Special Support for Kids - www.kidskonnected.org
    Kids Konnected is a wonderful online support group for kids who have a parent with cancer. Kids can talk to other kids who are facing the same issues.

    National Ovarian Cancer Coalition - www.ovarian.org
    Support, newsletter, resources and information valuable to the ovarian cancer patient. A great site for women looking for community. Connections to other sites.

    Strength for Caring - www.strengthforcaring.com
    Resources for care-givers.

    Teal Toes - http://www.tealtoes.org/index.html
    A resource and support site designed for raising ovarian cancer awareness.

    The Wellness Community - www.thewellnesscommunity.org/
    The Wellness Community is a program of hope, learning and friendship for adults with cancer and their loved ones.Our goal is to help people recover from the physical and emotional effects of cancer to the greatest extent possible.

Legislation/Advocacy Web Sites
    Ovarian Cancer Awareness Postage Stamp — Petition - www.petitiononline.com/OvCa2004/petition.html
    A proposal for an ovarian cancer awareness postage stamp, with a letter to sign online for the U. S. Postal Service Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee.

    Ovarian Cancer National Alliance - www.ovariancancer.org/legislation/legislation.html
    Works at the national level to increase public and professional understanding and to advocate for increased research and funding. Key information for those looking to get involved in making a difference.

General Cancer Information Web Sites

    Acurian - www.acurian.com/patient/
    Comprehensive listing of clinical trials actively enrolling participants, detailed drug information — from development through approval to release — and exclusive news and commentaries from leading medical and research resources.

    American Society of Clinical Oncology - www.asco.org
    Keeps library of abstracts from presentations at their annual meetings. Good for research. Hint: click on gynecological cancers under Publications-abstracts.

    Athena Partners Cancer Resources - www.athenapartners.org
    A comprehensive listing of Websites with information on the following:

    1. Medical Information,
    2. Healthcare Providers & Facilities,
    3. Foundations, Associations & Agencies, and
    4. Support Services.

    CancerGuide - cancerguide.org/mainmenu.html
    If you are a novice at researching your disease, this site provides helpful how-to information.

    CancerNet - www.cancer.gov/cancer_information
    Most recent and accurate information from the NCI, a component of the NIH.

    CancerQuest - www.cancerquest.org
    An educational resource designed to teach the biology of cancer and cancer treatment.

    CenterWatch - www.centerwatch.com
    Easy way to access information about clinical trials at conventional medical centers.

    Directory of Prescription Drug Patient Assistance Programs - http://www.phrma.org/pap
    Directory of programs to help patients get drugs at reduced cost or free.

    FDA Office of Special Health Issues - www.fda.gov/oashi/home.html
    The FDA's Office of Special Health Issues answers questions about the FDA's activities related to AIDS, Cancer other serious and life threatening diseases. The site also provides information about the FDA drug approval process, clinical trials, what drugs are approved for what and information regarding access to unapproved drugs. Hint: Click on Cancer Liaison Program on Home Page.

    Guide to Internet Resources for Cancer - www.ncl.ac.uk/~nchwww/guides/clinks1.htm
    A well-organized guide to over 1,300 different Internet sites devoted to cancer.

    healthfinder ® - www.healthfinder.gov/
    is a gateway consumer health and human services information web site from the United States government.

    International Cancer Alliance - www.icare.org
    Provides a Cancer Therapy Review of your disease with relevant clinical trials currently available. Report is free of charge.

    National Cancer Institute - www.nci.nih.gov
    A component of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the Federal Government's principal agency for cancer research and training.

    National Institutes of Health - www.nih.gov
    Publications, clinical trials, health hotlines, A-Z subject index, MEDLINEplus, other resources. Hint: when looking up clinical trials read both the patient's and physician's text.

    PubMed - www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/PubMed
    National Library of Medicine's search service with access to over 11 million citations from around the world. Very technical info. Hint: can just type in ovarian cancer to access info on the disease.

Women's Health Web Sites
    The National Black Women's Health Project - www.BlackWomensHealth.ORG
    The National Black Women's Health Project is a leading African American health education, research, advocacy and leadership development institution.

    Society for Women's Health Research - www.womenshealthresearch.org
    A non-profit advocacy group whose sole mission is to improve the health of women through research.

Sites that Support Ovarian Cancer Research at Johns Hopkins

American Art for Life

These web sites are not affiliated with Johns Hopkins. Portions of their proceeds benefit Ovarian Cancer research at Johns Hopkins. If you wish to donate directly to Ovarian Cancer research at Johns Hopkins, click here.

Sites for Purchasing Cancer Awareness Products

Teal ribbons are the national symbol for ovarian cancer. These and other products are available for purchase at the following sites.

Beads for a Cure

Breast Cancer Awareness Information

Choose Hope, Inc.

The Little Shop at FORCE

Generous Gems

My Sisters Scarves

Woman Matters

These web sites are not affiliated with Johns Hopkins. Their proceeds benefit various cancer organizations. If you wish to donate directly to Ovarian Cancer research at Johns Hopkins, click here.

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