Frederick J. "Rick" Montz, M.D.

We are deeply saddened to announce that Dr. Rick Montz, Professor of Gynecology, Obstetrics, Oncology and Surgery, at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Director of the Kelly Gynecologic Oncology Service at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, died of a heart attack Thursday evening (November 21st) while jogging. He was 47.

Hopkins obituary
Our Biker With Wings
By Sharon D. Thompson, RN, OCN

Five years ago now, God gave Hopkins a gift.
Talent, knowledge and skill, oh how we needed a lift.
Charisma and charm, he had it all.
Showing right from the start he could play hard ball.

Sporting his starched, white coat and long pony tail,
We only hoped we could follow his trail.
Gynecologic cancer was his only foe,
He took the bull by the horns and didn't let go.

Shortly thereafter, he decorated his space.
Motorcycles and leather brought a smile to his face.
The race of the motor was a perfect match
To a man on a mission no one could catch.

He often said he had nothing to hide,
And quickly we saw his soft, angelic side.
Just ask his patients -- he performed many tricks.
Do angels and bikers really mix?

His leadership and strength amazed even the best.
His surgical skills always put to the test.
A powerful biker, fighting cancer without fear.
A compassionate angel, wiping away a tear.

A devoted husband and father was he,
Finding a way to be all he could be.
Respected and cherished by everyone he knew.
Dr. Fredrick J. Montz, here's to you!

Back to the question, no doubt in my mind.
Angels and Bikers can be one of a kind.
Your spirit will help us conquer all life brings.
Now race straight to heaven and claim your wings!

  Discussion Board Postings and Emails* About Dr. Montz  

I was devastated to learn today of the passing of Dr. Montz. Our condolences to his family. What a huge loss for those of us suffering from MPSC. Dr. Montz was one of the very few who understood what this disease is all about. My husband and I traveled to JH to meet him last summer and were immediately touched by his kindness. Never had we met a doctor before that was so caring. G-d bless him and his family. May he rest in peace. -- Anonymous

We all feel a tremendous loss with his passing both on a personal and professional level. I am alive today due to his prodigious skill as a surgeon and his willingness to go for it when the scans looked grim. The fact that he respected my decision to not live with tubes, and that I was willing to take the risk of not waking up or waking up and having severe complications made me feel that he was truly on my side. I did have all the severe complications but Dr. Montz, Dr. Bristow and the amazing nurses on weinberg 4B pulled me through. I was rock climbing less than a year later with no colostomy because of the amazing care at Hopkins. I too will miss him as I felt safer knowing if I ever had another complication that he was in the world. I had finally found a surgeon who understood that being able to carry on my lifestyle - maybe not at the extreme level I did before - was integral to my quality of life.
     My thoughts are with his family, his students and his colleagues. --Sean Patrick

Dr. Montz was my doctor and I am still overwhelmed by his death. I know what he meant to me, on a daily basis, and I am so sad to think of the women yet to be diagnosed who will be deprived of the application of his knowledge as a physician and his compassion as a caregiver.
     Dr. Montz filled life to the margins and then someā€¦ I have so many images of him in my mind, as I saw him every three months since finishing chemo in June 2000; one of my favorites is one appointment where he had just come from surgery and I looked down from the examining table (me clad in the usual sheet) and there were his red clogs...something that makes me smile. I saw him last on October 31st and, it being Halloween, said when he came into the examining room that I thought maybe he would be in costume. He said that he had made it clear to one and all that he did not do costumes "but that he had thought about wearing a bow tie and coming to work as a Republican."
     He has left all of us who knew him with a huge challenge to live life as fully as we can, as he certainly did. --Carol Ann Chase

We have never before been so touched by the passing of a person whom we have never met. We watched Dr. Montz on only two programs yet he touched both of our lives in an unimaginable way. We were just speaking of him around the time of his death. Actually, I was talking about how attractive he was! So rarely do humans come with his kind of extraordinary package: adorable, brilliant, unique, wise, and so deeply loving. As people who understand what it feels like to miss a daddy, we hope that his children will always know the depth of their father and how lucky they were to have been loved by him if even for a short time. Their father was one of a kind. We only wish we had the honor of meeting such a true hero. -- Catherine & Patrick

Dr. Montz is an amazing man that will never be forgotten by many, certainly not by me. He was my doctor but was so much more than that to me. After meeting him for the first time I went home and called my Grandma to tell her how the appointment went. I said to her, 'Grandma, you know how I hate every doctor? I love this one.' That convinced her that he was the best doctor possible, knowing how critical and untrusting I had been of doctors in the past. I then had a few more visits with him before my surgery. I was wearing a 'Justin' brand cowboy belt buckle and he asked me where my Justin boots were. I told him that I didn't have any. He then told me that he would be going out to North Dakota this weekend because he's on the Board of Directors for the Cowboy Hall of Fame. He would try and get me a pair of boots for free since they are always trying to give them free stuff. After my surgery he walked out to my Mom and handed her a bag. He said, 'They weren't comp, but I walked into a store and bought them for her. I hope they fit.' I wore my boots while I was in the hospital and I have worn them every other time I have seen him. If that is not a man with a huge heart, I don't know what it is. I could go on forever about all of the amazing attributes of him. I can't imagine what his family is going through and I am praying for them constantly. I know that I can't stop crying. I feel devastated and like I can't go on. I know that I have to and that is what he would want. This has also reinspired me to become a nurse (or a doctor as Dr. Montz had urged). Whatever I do, he will never be forgotten. God bless -- Lauren

My seventeen year old daughter, Lauren, has already expressed her grief and sadness in the passing of Dr. Montz. But, I felt compelled to say a few words, too. He was truly one extraordinary human being. Our experience with him, even though it was brief, touched both of us deeply. His caring and compassionate manner was definitely his strong point, although he was also very direct and never 'sugar-coated' anything. He definitely made Lauren feel important and he made it clear that it was she he was dealing with. We loved this about him. And when he came out and handed me those cowboy boots that he had bought for her while out in North Dakota, I just about lost it. Pretty uncharacteristic for most doctors I've ever known before! I found out about his untimely passing from one of Lauren's best friends so I was the one who had to tell Lauren. I honestly have to say it was one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do, as I knew she would be devastated. She had been looking forward to a very long 'patient/doctor' relationship as he continued to monitor her progress. We will both definitely be at his Memorial Service tomorrow afternoon to pay our respects. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends, co-workers, and patients. We consider ourselves truly blessed to have met him and know him. Heaven has just received a true angel. God bless his soul!! You will never be forgotten, Dr. Montz!! -- Kathy

Dr. Montz had been treating my wife for 33 months. What a man. He exuded more confidence and imparted more confidence than any person I have ever met. Although he had 1500 active patients, we always felt that my wife was his only concern.
     The last day of his life, I emailed him at 10:30am to advise him of a good ca125 test result and to ask him two questions. He replied within 2 hours.
     He was our life line.
     I met his Mother, Dad, Wife and Son at the service. His oldest son had just told Dr. Montz that he decided to enter Med school, thereby carrying on the tradition for a 4th generation. We will miss him terribly. May G-d rest his soul. -- Anonymous

What a fabulous gyn oncologist he was. The absolute star of Hopkins 24/7. The night I watched that show, I hopped out of bed to write his name down for future reference. My thoughts go out to his wife, children and patients. The fragility of life never ceases to amaze me. A great loss for the gyn cancer community. -- Karen

He was the best. He had been treating my wife for 2 1/2 years. An incredible loss. As was stated by one of his contemporaries, he was bigger than life.
     May G_d rest his soul. -- Anonymous

I was a patient of Dr. Montz since Oct. 1997. During my last visit with him in May he informed me that he would be seeing me one more time then I would be able to see a regular GYN. I told him I wanted to continue to be HIS patient but he told me there was no need. I was postponing my last visit until I celebrated my fifth year of survival. When I called Hopkins on Friday to schedule my last appointment with him I was informed that Dr. Montz had passed away. I was shocked, to say the least. I take this as a personal loss as well a great loss to the medical profession and to those whose lives he may have saved. I remember telling him after viewing Hopkins 24/7 that I would have bet money that he would curse during his interview on the show, and I was right. He pointed out that he wasn't the only one, the guy in the ER cursed. I reminded him that the ER guy was a street thug and a victim of a gunshot wound! Dr. Montz was described on Hopkins 24/7 as being irreverent but, despite his appearance and general mannerisms, the opposite was true -- he had total respect for life. So, to Rick Montz, the man in the white coat, pony tail, earring, and, occasional 'potty-mouth', wherever you may be, thank you so much for helping me make it these last five years (and hopefully many more) and have one on me! -- Linda

One thing to be added to his tribute is, he taught and trained many future Doctors. He also helped enlighten Nurses and other Medical Staff Members. I hope those who had the privilege of being taught by such a uniquely gifted person, will carry on the insight Dr. Montz shared with them, especially in regards to Compassion and Caring. That would be the ultimate tribute to Dr. Montz and his family. My thoughts and prayers are with his Family, Staff, Colleagues, and Patients for Divine Comfort and Compassion through this time. -- D. Walls

I too did not know Dr. Montz until I watched Hopkins 24/7. In just that short period of time, I was completely awe struck by him and his wonderful abilities. I jotted his name down in case I ever had a need. Now this is strange, considering I live in Texas, but I just knew I could get to Baltimore if necessary. When I saw the UpClose and Personal with Ted Koppel last night, I was again awe struck and this time also very shocked. Even though the medical world has lost a brilliant and talented person, I believe that his teachings, and personality will live on in those who loved him. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends and coworkers always. -- Lisa in Texas

Dear staff, I wish to express my condolences for your tragic loss of Dr. Rick Montz. What a beautiful sight he was to my eyes with his ponytail and Corvette on Hopkins 24/7. As a perioperative nurse, what an inspiration he was to me. I have quoted him many times when pontificating to unruly surgery residents where I work. If you can't put this patient first, then you don't deserve the privilege of caring for them. So, the good Dr. spread his wisdom all the way to rural Indiana. My heart nearly popped when I read he was also a Eucharistic Minister as well. I wish to convey my sympathy to all of you who loved him. -- J. Agan

I just wanted to say that last evening I saw the segment on Dr. Rick Montz on ABC News UpClose. After seeing the show, I thought that he was such a truly good person. He was as real as they get. I have never seen a more "humane and caring person towards human beings" other than Mother Theresa. How he treated his patients was so genuine and sincere; he seemed to really care about everyone that he knew. When I saw that he had died, I literally cried myself to sleep (that was just last night). I had him and his family and their loss imbedded into my heart today when I woke up and got ready for work. I just couldn't believe that he was gone! He was just such a wonderful person. I wish there were more people like him on this earth. I know that this may seem crazy, but I have grieved all day about his passing. My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and children. I just can't believe that he's gone. Sincerely -- Mona
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