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During my training in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Oklahoma, I learned that one of the reasons that ovarian cancer remains the leading cause of death in women with gynecological cancer was the high recurrence rate of these tumors after initial treatment. This cancer usually recurs within two years of surgery and systemic chemotherapy. Once relapse occurs, resistance to previously effective therapy severely limits treatment success

Also, the use of resistance treatment may lead to high toxicity and discomfort, affecting the quality of life of ovarian cancer patients.

Today, during my first year as a fellow in Gynecology-Oncology at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, I have been given the opportunity to pursue my commitment to fight this disease by researching for methods to help discern which patients will respond to a specific drug therapy. The ability to pinpoint which of the existing drugs will be most effective for each individual patient will help to avoid unnecessary treatment and its unpleasant side effects.

Thanks to generous donations of those of you with an enormous commitment to fight ovarian cancer, I have been able to identify genetic molecular signatures which may help in the decision of drug selection. Although these preliminary findings are promising, more research is needed to confirm these advances. It is my hope that a cure for ovarian cancer is not far off and it is with your help that we will succeed.

The satisfaction of working for ovarian cancer patients has reinforced my goal of becoming a leading expert in the management and treatment of this condition. Your support has been an inspiration to continue to pursue years of training, in order to serve ovarian cancer patients with the quality of care that they deserve.

Warm Regards,

Antonio Santillan, M.D.

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