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A special thanks from Dr. Antonio Santillan
"Thanks to generous donations of those of you with an enormous commitment to fight ovarian cancer..."
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Giving: Your Support Helps Us Save Lives

What Your Donation Buys

One human gene contained within a cloning vector $10

Membranes for screening new genes $15

Reagents needed to isolate DNA from a patients' blood sample $20

A pair of PCR primers used to amplify one gene $30

Bacterial clone containing tumor-related gene $30

Vials for freezing tumor samples $35

Enzyme to precisely cut DNA $40

Scalpel blades for dissection of tumor samples $55

Enzyme to join DNA fragments $60

Updates to lab manual $70

Flasks for growing tumor cells $75

Radiolabel used to label DNA for sequencing and probing $100

Tumor cell line $100

Gel mix used to resolve DNA on gels $100

A vial of enzyme to modify or amplify DNA $100

Serum to grow cancer cells $130

DNA purification kit $150

Reagents to introduce genes into cancer cells $180

Purification kit for tumor-suppressor proteins $230

X-ray film to detect DNA sequence of a gene $270

Plates for drug-screening reactions $380

Enzyme to amplify DNA from tumors $400

DNA fragments to study a new gene $500

Lab refrigerator used in ongoing experiments $700

Digital camera for web page construction/updates $800

Set of pipettes to measure chemical solutions $900

Lab computer to access gene database $1,800

Ultraviolet light and camera to visualize DNA $2,000

Incubator for tumor cell culture $2,700

Set of DNA sequencing apparatus $3,800

Lab freezer $5,000

Centrifuge for drug screens and purifications $7,000

PCR machine to amplify DNA $9,000

Named permanent endowment $100,000 and up

Drier for DNA gels and purifications $12,000

Cancer Research Technician $30,000/yr

Drug library to screen for new therapeutics (19,000 drugs) $38,000

Research fellow and supplies $50,000/yr

Named permanent endowed research fellowship $1.7 million

Named permanent endowed chair for ovarian cancer research $2.3 million

Named endowed ovarian cancer center $10 million

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