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The Johns Hopkins Ovarian Cancer Web site...
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Welcome to the Johns Hopkins Ovarian Cancer Web site. This site is a collaboration with the late Sean Patrick, and the physicians and scientists of Johns Hopkins. It grew out of a shared passion to improve the quality of information and resources available.

Ovarian cancer is not one disease, with only one treatment. In fact, over 100 types of ovarian tumors have been characterized. The treatment and management of these different types of ovarian tumors differs greatly. Therefore, an accurate diagnosis is critical to obtain the most effective treatment and best advice. This web site is unique because we provide state-of-the-art information for each individual ovarian tumor type, rather than grouping them.

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Unless otherwise noted, all material, with the exception of the unmoderated discussion boards, was provided by Deborah Armstrong, M.D., Robert Bristow, M.D., Robert Kurman, M.D., Karen McClellan, RN, Frederick Montz, M.D., Ginger Muscalli, RD, LD, Sean Patrick, Richard Roden, Ph.D., Jeffrey Seidman, M.D., Sharon Thompson, RN, OCN, and compiled by Richard Roden, Ph.D.


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Ovarian Cancer Survivor and Advocate

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Assistant Professor


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